The Issues That Matter

My campaign priorities

Saginaw County is my home. It is where I have chosen to raise my family. This unique community is a beautiful spot in mid-Michigan with cultural offerings and a wide range of opportunities for adults and children alike.


We all have our challenges, though, that require strong leadership to lead members of the public to the best solutions. Amos O’Neal has served the People of Saginaw County for a number of years, finding solutions to ongoing problems that affect lives every day.


The issues Amos O’Neal feels need the most attention from the State are listed below:

Economic Dev.png

economic development & business expansion

Economic development and expansion impacts all of us in Saginaw County because new businesses will necessitate new investment in infrastructure--water treatment, roads and bridges, public education, colleges and universities, police and fire protection, and housing.

  • In the wake of COVID-19 and the related unemployment, our economy is hurting. Our families are hurting. We must put people to work in the areas that are most essential to the quality of life in Michigan.

  • Small businesses are the backbone of our community’s economy. O’Neal will focus on providing and bolstering resources and technology that support the creation and the expansion of small businesses for small business owners.

  • O’Neal plans to work with labor groups and businesses to help cut out some of the paperwork to make it easier to get what they need. This kind of cooperation between employers and employees will ensure that both sides come back with a steady and strong increase in prosperity.

Criminal Justice.png


Criminal justice reform should take the form not only of crime prevention, but also transition back to civilian life once a debt is paid. 

  • Citizens returning to the workforce are important to the strength of our community’s economy. 

  • Some of the unique challenges faced by those transitioning out of the criminal justice system include barriers to:

    • Receiving updated identification in a timely manner

    • Employment post-incarceration

    • Mental health care

  • O’Neal’s plan will include

    • Working with the Secretary of State to address ID issues

    • Offering incentive to employers to hire those who are exiting the criminal justice system

    • Reducing recidivism through connection to the community

    • Access to mental health care and counseling for families who are reconnecting

School Funding.png


The education of our next generation of leaders is key to the future of our community. O’Neal wants to see more investment in our public schools and our skills training. A quality education is the birthright of every Michigan child--the silver bullet to a better life and a bright future.

  • Our schools deserve the best trained--and best compensated--professional educators for all of our kids. 

  • Programs that target special needs, accelerated opportunities, and extracurricular opportunities are also key to raising kids equipped to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. 

  • All youth throughout the 95th District deserve access to quality technology, skill trades and other vocational experiences to better prepare them for a successful future.



Both employers and employees depend on a strong infrastructure in the communities where they live, work, and go to school. The condition of water, roads, education and environment that Saginaw County offers determines not only who lives here but what new opportunities come our way.


New businesses bring new families to the community, driving housing construction, retail offerings, and a healthy property tax base.

Vocational Training.png


Michigan needs skilled tradespeople more than ever. With the shrinking population of Baby Boomer workers, our skilled trades are not meeting demand for plumbers, electricians, welders, construction supervisors, and other skilled laborers. Not everyone needs to attend college to have a career for life.


O’Neal would also like to back the kinds of programs that offer retraining of professionals looking to move into the skilled trades from other areas.

Healthcare Reform.png

health care access

The Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act in Michigan has ensured that over 600,000 more families have access to health care. And as we have seen in the past few months, the basic right to access a doctor and hospital services is vital to every person in our state and our country.


O’Neal will work to expand the ACA even more, to improve its effectiveness and ensure all citizens in the 95th district and State of Michigan have access to affordable quality healthcare.

Right to Organize.png


O’Neal believes in fair living wages, paid family leave, and representation of employees.


The right for employees to band together to negotiate the best rate for their labor is as Michigan as the Great Lakes. Workers unions must be empowered, and Right to Work must be overturned.

Environmental Reform.png


Protecting the environment is one more spoke on the wheel of economic development and strong infrastructure. Enacting and enforcing strict standards to protect our air, water, and soil in the 95th district adds healthcare protections as well. Protecting our environment is protecting ourselves and our families.


O’Neal will work to ensure EPA standards are enforced and strengthened to protect our Great Lakes, our great trust and pride.



Elder care requires support for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and isolation precautions for seniors in nursing, retirement and convalescent homes throughout the 95th District.


O’Neal will work with the Community Commission on Aging organization to ensure proper food and nutrition are available and seniors are protected from any and all abuses.



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