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Michigan AFL-CIO Endorse Amos O'Neal for State Representative 95th District



The Michigan AFL-CIO has Endorsed O’Neal


Amos O'neal, Democratic nominee for the 95th House District, to be that voice for our working families. The AFL-CIO works tirelessly to improve the lives of working people.

O’Neal stated “I am grateful for the endorsement by the Michigan AFL-CIO and all of their local leaders, members and their families across Michigan. I look forward to continuing to advocate for workers’ rights and economic justice in the workplace.” 

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UA Local 333 Plumbers & Pipefitters Endo

UA Local 333 Plumbers & Pipefitters Endorses O'Neal Ahead of Primary

(Saginaw, Michigan) - Amos O’Neal, Saginaw County Commissioner and candidate for the 95th District of the Michigan House of Representatives, announced the following endorsement by the UA Local 333 of Lansing, Michigan. The local represents the plumbers, pipefitters and HVACR service members of the Lansing, Jackson, and Battle Creek areas.


O’Neal stated “I appreciate the support of UA Local 333 endorsement of my campaign. I will do my best to represent the hard-working men and women of the labor movement in Lansing.”

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IBEW Local 557 Endorses O'Neal

"The membership and the families of the members greatly appreciate your efforts in fighting for what they all believe to be important issues related to the Labor movement. It takes candidates like you, to make a difference” said Evan Allardyce, Business Manager.


O’Neal added “I appreciate and I am humbled by the support of IBEW Local557. For over ninety years, IBEW Local 557 has helped create the middle class in America and provide quality jobs for thousands of residents in mid-Michigan.”

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Craig Goslin Endorses O'Neal Ahead of Primary

"I'm doing this video testimonial on behalf of Amos O'Neal. Amos has attended the same church as our family for a number of years. I can tell you that he's a man of high character, strong values, strong faith and very community centric.

He will do a great job representing Saginaw in the 95th District. I would recommend you to consider Amos O'Neal with your vote to represent Saginaw in August." 

- Craig Goslin, President and Managing Partner of Saginaw Spirit

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Plumbers Local 98.jpg

Saginaw County Officials


"I am endorsing Amos O’Neal for State Representative 95th District, because of his long standing service in the Saginaw community. As a native, Amos has seen the evolution and challenges in Saginaw, over the past decades. With his knowledge, leadership and sound spiritual foundation, I am confident that he is ‘the’ candidate of choice."

Calvin Williams.png

"If you want to see a State Representative for the 95th District take office who will listen to the needs of the people and stand firm for the things he believes are not in our best interests, Amos O’Neal is our man.


Mr. O’Neal has also been involved in many community services and has addressed many public grievances in the past as a public servant. He was elected as Saginaw City Councilman and as Mayor Pro Tem for two terms, as well as, County Commissioner-District 9, where he acquired excellent oratory skills and the ability to hold large audiences in awe. He has served on the Saginaw Board of Public Health with me for six (6) months.


Mr. O’Neal is a very courteous man and has the skills of decision-making and logically approaching all the issues. I am confident that Mr. O’Neal’s presence in the law-making process for our state will be truly fruitful. I am a proud supporter of him and strongly endorse him as the State Representative – 95th District."

Mike Gomez - 1080x1080.png

"I would like to thank Amos O’Neal for his service as a member of the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners. Mr. O’Neal represented his citizens with integrity and honesty. I began working with Mr. O’Neal when I was promoted to Law Enforcement Division lieutenant of the Saginaw County Sheriff Office in 2016.


Mr. O’Neal didn’t always vote the way I would have liked, but I respect him because I knew his decisions were made after hearing all the facts. In all of my observations of various meetings, Mr. O’Neal would be fair and listen to the issues with an open mind. I believe this is what makes him who he is, and he has my full support for State Representative of the 95th district. I only wish I could vote for him."


"I support Amos O'Neal for State Representative. Amos is a quiet leader who understands the needs of our community and is willing to take the initiative to make things right. He has always fought for what was right for people and will take that initiative to Lansing for our community."

Michigan Education Association

"“I am pleased to share that the MEA Screening & Recommending Committee, comprised of MEA members who live or work within the District, voted to recommend Amos O'Neal to HD95. We believe Amos will proactively advocate for public education, and we look forward to working with him after the election.”
- Tammy Daenzer, MEA UniServ Director

Saginaw County Commissioners

"It’s with great honor that we submit this letter of support for our colleague Mr. Amos O’Neal who is running for the 95th State Representative Seat. Because we believe Mr. O’Neal understand our community needs and he’s a seasoned leader during this time of transformative change and turmoil. We need a State Representative who knows how to get things done in Lansing. We believe Mr. O’Neal is well equipped to deal with these unprecedented challenges in Lansing. His past experiences as a Saginaw City Councilman and his service as Saginaw County Commissioner gives him a solid foundation to be the 95th District Representative in Lansing.

Furthermore, Mr. O’Neal is a very energetic and enthusiastic candidate. He will be a great asset to the State House in Lansing. Mr. O’Neal is a creative problem solver, with outstanding leadership abilities and he grasps new ideas quickly. He has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to his work, community, family and to his associates. He has carried out his obligations with vigor and resolve."


"I would like to give my highest endorsement to Mr. Amos Oneal, candidate for the 95th District, Michigan State House of Representatives. I have had the pleasure of knowing Amos for close to 40 years.


Amos O’Neal is a man of integrity, a family man, a servant of this community at every level: Neighborhoods, community, City, County and the Church. He has held positions at every level of society: Custodian, United Way Outreach Worker, Boy Scouts, Union Steward, and Mentor to senior citizens. His life personifies servanthood and standing for the rights of those he represents. He is not afraid to speak out on the issues.


I have NO doubt that Amos O’Neal will represent us well in Lansing. He understands the need for a united Michigan to overcome the many obstacles we have faced. He possesses the skills to cross the aisle and build alliances to help him accomplish his aggressive platform. Stand with me in supporting Amos O’Neal for the State House of Representatives, 95th District."

Joyce Seals, Former Mayor of Saginaw .jp

Former Saginaw Mayors

Joyce Seals

Former Mayor of Saginaw

"I'm pleased to be able to support Amos O'Neal's candidacy for the House of Representatives, 95th District.


His honesty, integrity and insight into our community's problems and needs as well as his willingness to examine and listen to the concerns sets Amos above and beyond  other candidates.


And so I am happy to express my full support for Amos."

Gary Loster.jpeg

Former Saginaw Mayors

Gary Loster

Former Mayor of Saginaw

"Amos O'Neal has served the citizens of Saginaw County for many years. His life of service, commitment and caring will allow him to serve the people of the 95th District and all of Michigan with distinction.

I strongly support the candidacy of Amos O'Neal for State Representative."

Dr. Lawrence Crawford.jpeg

Former Saginaw Mayors

Dr. Lawrence Crawford

Former Mayor of Saginaw

Former Saginaw Mayors

Local 1098 Laborers-FB.png
Tri County Building Trades - FB.png

Labor Unions

Local 85 Plumbers and Pipefitters-FB.png
Police Officer Association of Michigan-F
"Endorsing Amos was a very easy decision, and it is obvious to us that he is the right candidate to represent our members in the 95th House District."
- Justin Pomerville, United Association Local Union 85.



Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Austin, SR

Rev. Arthur C. Aikins, SR

Rev. Chet Atkins

Rev. Kareem J. Bowen

Rev. Thomas Brown

Rev. William Brown

Rev. Dr. Vincent D. McMillon

Minister Marcus Muhammad

Rev. Jerry Myles

The Church of Saginaw (multi-ethnic group of pastors)



Bishop Larry Camel

Rev. Dr. Hurley J. Coleman

Rev. Robert B. Corley

Rev. Robert Davis, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Ron Frierson

Rev. James Glenn

Rev. Dr. Eugene O. Seals

Rev. Lafayette Simpson

Rev. Taurus Simpson, SR

Rev. Dr. Marvin T. Smith

Rev. Rodrick Smith



Dr. Byron C. Hayes

Rev. Willie Hill

Rev. J.E. Hodge

Rev. Edward Jones

Rev. Dennis Laffoon

Rev. Fred A. Lewis

Rev. Luciose Lewis, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Roy Manning

Rev. James Snead

Rev. Otis Washington

Rev. Richard and Patricia Sayad

Faith Community

"We deserve a State Representative who has the knowledge, judgment, work ethic, integrity and temperament to serve. The 95th District needs Amos O’Neal. I, Roosevelt Austin, endorse Amos O’Neal for that assignment. I know of Amos to be a passionate public servant. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to promoting truth, fairness and justice, but also a caring and compassionate man.

Amos has brought meaningful, positive change to the Saginaw community by serving on various committees and boards, including Health and Human Services, Saginaw City Council and currently County Commissioner. He is truly appreciated for the services he has rendered with strong leadership abilities in the many government capacities he has served. His dedication to public service, integrity, and his understanding shows me that he is a qualified experienced candidate who will rise to tackle the challenges that face our community each day. 

I am honored to know, and I urge you to vote for Amos O’Neal for State Representative on August 4th."

Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Austin, Sr..jpg

Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Austin, Sr


"The 95th District needs a strong voice in Lansing, an advocate who will address the many needs of our District. Amos is dependable, honest, transparent, diplomatic and committed to all he does.

Amos listens to people and addresses the needs and concerns of all age groups and ethnicities; he is open to suggestions while understanding that his task is in meeting the needs of the constituents for their betterment.

We need a person who is experienced in the political nuances of today. He has served as a Saginaw Councilman for 13 years and has been a County Commissioner since 2016 with a lengthy service record. 


I support Amos O'Neal as the 95th District Representative for the State of Michigan. He has the credentials and personality to affect change for the betterment for all."

Rev. Dr. Roy Manning, President of the W

Rev. Dr. Roy Manning

President of the Wolverine State Baptist Convention

"We fully support the election of Amos O'Neal as our State representative from the 95th District of Michigan.


Amos is a friend; we have know him for many years. In our observation, he is a Godly man, a family man, and a man fully prepared to serve this district in a professional and knowledgeable manner. We know Amos desires to serve God and others. He is well qualified!"

Rev. Richard and Patricia Sayad.jpg

Rev. Richard and Patricia Sayad


"Amos O'Neal is my good friend. In my role as pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist church, Amos and I have worked in the Saginaw community for many years.


We are the Co-founders of Parishioners On Patrol, and have staffed many community outreach events in Saginaw together. Amos' years of service to the People of Saginaw County through the Saginaw City Council and the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners shows his commitment to all of us.


I heartily endorse Amos O’Neal for State Representative of the 95th District."

Bishop Larry Camel.jpg

Bishop Larry Camel


"I support Amos O’Neal because he has a proven track record of legislative service to the citizens in his district. He was not only a colleague of mine on the City Council of the City of Saginaw, he was a mentor and a leader during the early part of my political career. Many years later, I am now the Sheriff of Saginaw County and he is a Saginaw County Commissioner.


Amos is well prepared to take the next logical step of serving in the House of Representatives and is a leader who listens to his constituents and represents us with honesty and integrity. We both hold the same values, and I am confident that he will be an outstanding representative. I live in the 95th District, and I will be voting for Amos O’Neal on August 4th, 2020."


William Federspiel

Saginaw County Sheriff

"Amos has proven his commitment to his community through his public service on the Saginaw City Council and the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners as well as the many other community affairs he has been involved in.


The qualities he has displayed in these endeavors show me that he will be an effective State Representative for the people of the 95th District."

John McClogan, Jr.,  Saginaw County Pros

John McColgan, Jr.

Saginaw County Prosecutor

"It is a pleasure for me to endorse Amos O'Neal for State Representative for the 95th District. Covering the City of Saginaw, Buena Vista Township, Spaulding Township, and Bridgeport Township, it is important for this district to continue to have strong leadership in the State legislature.


I’ve known Amos for years, from his service as a Saginaw City Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem, through his service on the board of Saginaw County Commissioners. On both City Council and the board of Commissioners he has been a diligent and hardworking advocate for the City and for all the citizens he represents. He is smart, thoughtful, compassionate and knowledgeable of his constituents and their needs. I believe he will make a great representative for the 95th District."

Floyd Kloc, Mayor of Saginaw.jpg

Floyd Kloc

Mayor of Saginaw

"I choose candidate Amos O’Neal for the seat of Michigan House Representative for the 95th District.  Amos O’Neal has shown steadfast servant leadership through Saginaw County for several years. His humble but stern leadership style is not only commendable, but effective for the people he serves. As the Commissioner for Saginaw County’s 9th District that included Buena Vista Charter Township, Councilman O’Neal practiced inclusivity with our community leaders and residents and advocated strongly for fair and balanced policies. 

Amos’s consistent visibility within the community and dedication towards the well-being of our constituents have sustained the trust and confidence we have for him. With proud enthusiasm, I endorse Amos O’Neal for the 95th District State House Representative for the State of Michigan."

Christine Dillard, Supervisor, Buena Vis

Christine Dillard

Supervisor, Buena Vista Township

Additional Supporters

UA Local 333 Plumbers & Pipefitters Endo
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